Do Natural Cleaners Work?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

When cooking at home, you might realise that there are a few common stains that typically need to be cleaned up. Oil often splatters all over the walls, and ketchup is typically tough to remove when it stains kitchen tiles, especially after a few hours! It also gets extremely annoying when a family member accidentally spills coffee or milk all over the dining table over breakfast.

Finding cleaners that can help keep the house spick and span is definitely a tough job. If you're considering getting natural cleaners, I'm sure you'd like to know how natural cleaners fare as compared to those common brands you see in the supermarket. UglyGood tested out its own Natural Cleaners as compared to other common household brands, on these typical stains.

As you can see, the natural cleaners remove stains well as compared to other brands you might find!

And there you have it, proof that natural cleaners work just as well as those chemical ones!

Other than the great health benefits that natural cleaners offer over chemical ones, using these cleaners would also be a step towards helping to save the environment! UglyGood's cleaners are made from recycled orange peels. Orange peels have so much value that can be extracted from them, and I am personally really excited about the ways we are able to turn these wastes into value. Natural Cleaners that UglyGood manufactures consists of mostly eco-enzymes, orange essential oil and water. Eco-enzymes are created through fermentation of bio-waste and is a great way to get way of waste sustainably. You could even try it at home!

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